SPA Essential Chemical Peel & Microdermabrasion Training


10 hours


Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion treatments are in the top 5 nonsurgical skincare treatments in the United States! This is why our Essential Chemical Peel & Microdermabrasion Training is ideal for professionals who want to expand and add-on to their current aesthetic skills and practice offerings.

Our course offers the gold standard in medical-grade chemical peels and proper microdermabrasion protocol. You will be better prepared in a more comprehensive treatment course for your client’s specific skin conditions.


This course is open to licensed estheticians, RN, BSN, NP, PA, MD, NY and DO licenses. However, state laws on who can perform chemical peels and microdermabrasion vary by state to state. ITS recommends checking with state regulatory agencies to determine who can legally perform these services and the level of supervision required.


The ITS Essential Chemical Peel & Microdermabrasion Training reviews all theories related to skin analysis and treatment of skin conditions and then moves on to cover essential chemical peels and microdermabrasion applications.

You will review all types of chemical peels including timed, self-neutralizing and layered and receive hands-on practice with medical-grade peels such as Glycolic, Salicylic, Jessners, Mandelic and TCA peels as well as microdermabrasion.


• Skin physiology
• Appropriate skin typing (Fitzpatrick Scale)
• Skin analysis
• Skin conditions and treatments
• Safety precautions and potential reactions and aftercare procedures
• Hygiene and keeping a sterile work environment
• Client pre- and post- consultations
• Client indications and contraindications
• Chemical peel fundamentals
• Microdermabrasion fundamentals
• Application of peels and microdermabrasion
• Combination treatments
• Safety protocols

Students will get the opportunity to work with models.

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