Laser Tattoo Removal Training


18 hours


The laser tattoo removal business is booming and is continuing to show steady growth. ITS offers the most advanced cosmetic laser tattoo removal training needed to help you become part of this exciting and quickly growing industry.
Our Laser Tattoo Removal Training offers leading cutting edge instruction and delivers advanced training to help our students become strong leaders and clinical experts in the field of laser tattoo removal.


Our Laser Tattoo Removal Training is specifically designed for individuals with a passion for lasers and who want to begin a new career in tattoo removal. Limitations on who can perform various cosmetic laser treatments vary by state to state. ITS recommends checking with state regulatory agencies to determine who can legally perform these services and the level of supervision required.


The focus of the ITS Laser Tattoo Removal Training is to train individuals who are planning to work with clients to either completely remove or to lighten existing tattoos.


• Biology of Skin & Hair
• Laser physics, safety and tissue interaction
• Types of ink used in tattoos
• Appropriate skin typing (Fitzpatrick Scale)
• Proper use of wavelengths
• How to respond to emergency situations/reactions
• Client Pre/Post Procedures, Indications and Contraindications
• Regulatory Agencies
• Laser Safety Practices
• Photosensitive Medication & Topical Anesthetics

Students will get the opportunity to work with models.

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