Haircutting Training “Global Master”


32 hours


At ITS, certified trainers lead our Haircutting Training. This course is a cutting edge training program.
ITS places an emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and satisfaction of your clients who need hair cut. Our students learn individual haircut technics. Our goal is to prepare you to become a highly successful haircut professional in this fast growing and very profitable industry.


This course is open to licensed cosmetologist licenses. However, state laws on who can perform haircut vary by state to state. ITS recommends checking with state regulatory agencies to determine who can legally perform these services and the level of supervision required.


The ITS Haircutting Training offers you a great value. Participants in this course receive a starter kit worth $250; full of the highest quality products you’ll need to start your Haircutting training. You will also receive overview training with our certified trainer ensuring you understand the proper application process.
•Physiology of the Hair cut
•Safety precautions and potential reactions and aftercare procedures
•Hygiene and keeping a sterile work environment
•Client pre- and post- consultations
•Visual correction of morphological features of the face with the help of haircuts
•Shape of haircut and facial features. Harmony of individuality.
•Basics of modeling. Descriptive geometry of a hairstyle.
•Compositional haircut solution.
•Factors determining the choice of haircuts
•Image. Style. Image. Fashion. A haircut
•Form transformation.
•Haircutting technicians for fine/thick/wavy hair
•Balance of volume in a haircut.
•Haircut and lifestyle
•Haircut and age
•Types of Haircut men/ women/ children’s
•Italian (SARGASSI)
•Application priming instructions
•Success plan and marketing

Student starter kit

Hair Styling Kit
Hair Styling Guide
Business-Appointments cards

Students will get the opportunity to work with models and mannequins.

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