Body work (Swedish technique) Stone therapy Training


34 hours


At ITS, certified trainers lead our Body Work Training. This course is a cutting edge training program.
ITS places an emphasis on maintaining the health, safety and satisfaction of your clients. Our goal is to prepare you to become a highly successful body work professional in this industry.


Our Body Work Training is specifically designed for individuals who want to expand their body work services. Limitations on who can perform body work vary by state to state. ITS recommends checking with state regulatory agencies to determine who can legally perform these services and the level of supervision required.


The ITS Body Work Training offers you a great value. Participants in this course receive a starter kit worth $150; full of the highest quality products you’ll need to start your body work business. You will also receive a video guide and overview training with our certified trainer ensuring you understand the proper body work application process.


• Anatomy and Physiology of Body
• Safety precautions and potential reactions and aftercare procedures
• Hygiene and keeping a sterile work environment
• Client pre- and post- consultations
• Client indications and contraindications
• Application priming instructions
• Reflex action on the body by pressing on biological active points in a certain sequence.
• Deep thermal effects: heating or cooling.
• Mechanical kneading of fabrics.
• Deep vibrating massage, when tapping a stone against a stone.
• The direct impact of the energy of the stone itself.

Student starter kit

Profession Body Work and Stone Therapy Kit
Profession Body Work and Stone Therapy Guide
Business-Appointments cards

Students will get the opportunity to work with models.

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